Visitor Services

Visitor services are among the strongest marketing and communications tools –

You might consider our services in this area for any of the following reasons:

  • You want to open your company, institution or production site to visitors and experts in order to increase your company’s transparency and improve your customer and public relations.
  • You’re planning or managing a campus or other areaith various neighbors, and want to increase your public profile.
  • You want to communicate the strengths and potentials of your city or region to potential investors.
  • You’ve already had numerous requests from industry professionals or other visitors, and want to find new ways to serve this population in a professionally appropriate and resource-efficient manner.
  • You want and need to focus on your core business.

We’ll design a visitor service appropriate to your corporate strategy, or restructure an existing service. Either can be maintained internally or externally, at your request.

Elements of our service include:

  • Situation analysis, survey of current operations
  • Analysis of needs and goals
  • Comparison of internal and external opportunities
  • Development of solutions and concrete measures
  • Implementation of measures and concepts
  • Service implementation
  • Functionality monitoring

Accompanying communication measures:

  • Creation and integration of a virtual tour for your website
  • Design and creation of showrooms, display boards and visitor-guidance systems
  • Communication through your social media channels, or development of these channels
  • Information brochures and other print and online documents