Digital Events

Virtual and hybrid events are the digital trend that is currently reforming and transforming the event industry.

Use the chances and potentials of our new event platform to communicate your content for conferences, workshops and information events innovatively, securely and interactively for every target group!

We bring your event, in whole or in part, into the virtual world and make it just as exciting as your live event. As a full service, we not only take care of the technical implementation, but also support you in the conception of the content of your event.

Our format

Verschiedene Tools

One central platform

We create a central event platform for you, where all content, interactions and live contributions are brought together.

Various tools

We integrate the most modern tools e.g. for video streaming, video conferencing, digital meeting rooms, whiteboards, surveys, feedback, live chat or games.

Numerous application options

We build digital rooms for you to exchange information with each other, for match-making and for an informative break.

Videos und Live-Streams

Videos & live streams

The integration of videos is central, e.g. through live streams of panel discussions, video exchange between participants or film contributions.


Media download

We create virtual areas with additional information and media for viewing or downloading. You can use the platform as a year-round information and knowledge platform.


Interaction & gaming

We integrate tools for interaction and gaming. With digital whiteboards, brainstorming, surveys and feedback, you’ll never lose the attention of the participants again and also shape creative processes.


Participant management

We integrate on the same platform the participant management with registration modules and personal approach.

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